Clear Blue Kingston Kayak Tours

In another first for Kingston, Blue World is introducing a new style of clear bottom kayak for one or two persons, that are used as part of special day and nighttime kayak tours along the waterfront of historic downtown Kingston.  Each of these kayaks offers a unique underwater viewing experience on Lake Ontario, and all of tours are accompanied by not one but two qualified guides.  The day time kayak tours move along the waterfront area, and explore various sites that change from time to time, so you could experience several tour locations over the summer season.

The nighttime tour is a truly unique experience. Image being in a clear bottom kayak that is suspended on a pool of light ……

Blue World is offering this one-of-a-kind kayaking experience as part of our guided night tour, which is accompanied by two qualified tour guides, also in kayaks, in sheltered waters along the shoreline of downtown Kingston.  All of our kayak tours begin with a safety orientation to ensure participants are using the kayaks safely, and each person is equipped with a personal flotation device, headlamp, and dry bag to store personal items in the kayak.