The Underwater Adventure Company

Blue World Marine Adventures is a new kind of marine tourism company. We use a variety of proven soft adventure tour experiences that give people, of all ages, the opportunity to see the world below the waves, and all the natural and historical treasures found there. Whether it’s a view through the bottom of an all-clear kayak, a snorkeling adventure with the latest in snorkeling gear, or a dry seat in a special underwater viewing vessel, we have an underwater adventure for you.

Many of our adventures will be familiar to anyone that has travelled to places like the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii. Blue World has simply adapted proven marine tour experiences found in these in the tropical markets to the seasonal conditions here in Canada and the Great Lakes Region, to look at everything from historical shallow water shipwrecks to spectacular underwater worlds and equally curious marine life. These are underwater adventures for everyone, that are memorable and meant to satisfy the adventurous at heart.

Our tours stress safety, and comfort, because you can’t truly enjoy the experience if you don’t feel safe or comfortable with what you’re doing. From how you get in and out of the water, to how you get in and out of our special kayaks, every effort is made to ensure your safety and comfort, so you can focus on the experience.

NEW FROM BLUE WORLD!! We are very excited to introduce the ultimate souvenir of your tour experience with us – aerial drone videography. We fly an aerial drone with every tour, to capture your personalized experience up close with aerial footage of your tour, with overhead views of the kayaks over shallow water shipwrecks and the lake bottom, sprinkled with up close video of yourself in your kayak.

Our Underwater Adventures

Clear Blue Kayak Garden Island Shipwreck Tour

Kingston, Ontario

Clear kayaks floating over one hundred year old shipwrecks in the clear shallow waters of one of the Great Lakes most accessible ship graveyards. Learn the history of these vessels from a truly unique perspective that harkens back to the days of sail and steam on the Great Lakes.

Blue World Clear Blue Kayak Night Tour

Kingston, Ontario

Image your kayak suspended in a pool of light, while you paddle along the Kingston waterfront at the heart of this historic city, with a view of the lake bottom and marine life through our special clear bottom kayaks.

Our well-trained tour and support staff are passionate about bringing these experiences to you, in the safest and most comfortable and engaging way possible, and regardless of the kind of tour you choose, but it a dry seat in a tour watercraft, or the chance to get wet in the water so you can see it close up, they are there to make your tour a truly unforgettable experience.

Our tour boats, Blue World Explorer I and Blue World Explorer II, are responsible for transporting tour guests and tour equipment to the Garden Island Tour site, and are Transport Canada certified, as are the boat crews, to meet all mandated regulatory and safety requirements.